Seneca, also known as the Senecan Alliance, is a group of principalities occupying a majority of the primary landmass of Novamund. It is controlled by a single ruler, however each principality is controlled by a separate entity who swears allegiance to the King of Seneca.

The seven principalities are:

Elthania: The capital city of the Senecan Alliance, the largest and most populated city. Located on the Bramin River, near the center of Seneca, it holds some of the most spectacular landmarks of Seneca, including the Cathedral of Kings. The Lord Elthanos the Pure was both the founder of the city and its first king.

Aionia: The educational and magical center of Seneca, Aionia was founded by Lord Aion Windlasher. Aionia is the only republic in Seneca, ruled by a Chancellor. The greatest scholars and sages all graduate from the universities here.

Balstad: The military capital of Seneca. Founded by the Lord Balstadme Thunderaxe, this city alone controls nearly a third of Seneca’s standing army. It is also located in one of the longest-populated areas of Seneca, and is thus well-known for extensive ruins dotting the countrysides, as well as a large number of local excavation projects.

Terria: The naval superpower of Seneca, and the second-largest city overall. Terria, founded by Lord Terras Truthbearer, is most well-known for its public religious and military organization known as Order of the Golden Light. Terria is located on the edge of the Nerien Sea, and does extensive trade with local islands such as Crati Portus and the Triple Island Empire.

Ostcaster: The Southernmost principality of Seneca. Lord Oster Spellweaver founded this city. While it is relatively unimportant compared to some of the larger cities, it is the only city to engage in public trade with the country of Poralu to the South.

Calishire: Not much is known about this city yet. Founder: Lady Sheena Bladewing

Laritha: Same here. Founder: Lady Lare Starlight


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